Business Experience:

In 2006, Xentropa began serving Anchorage, AK. Mainly, I did numerous smaller repairs to satisfy engineers reports for realty exchanges.  

Through 2009, I expanded my scope of service to home owners and renters needing a multitude of repairs, replacements, and installations.  

In 2010, I made my move to Juneau, AK.  It is a different environment here; and I love it.  So, I began with what I knew. With a new family, I have broken onto the scene.  I have more tools and know-how than I did before. I am striving with my wife, young daughter, and loyal dog to make a life for ourselves in the place we believe that we are meant to be. 

Call Ben:  907-500-2703


P.O. Box 240831
Douglas, AK 99824


AKBL # 993843
Registration # 39958

Family Owned and Operated